Jotun Paints

Every wall has an inspiring story to tell. A story that can be brought to life with the perfect colour and paint. Explore perfect colour combinations, designs and ideas for every room with Jotun.

Jotun’s products have been used in beautifying and protecting some of the world’s most iconic buildings including The Eiffel Tower in France, The Burj Khalifa and The Burj Al Arab in Dubai, The Petronas Towers in Malaysia as well as the MS Oasis of the Seas cruise ship.

Through advanced Research and Development, Jotun as a company are continuously working to improve existing technology, explore new technology and move towards a more green future. Jotun delivers long-lasting products and colours which stand out for wear and tear.

Jotuns colour selection tools are developed based on consumer needs and makes it easy to select, sell and buy paint. With Jotuns tailor-made combination of bases and colorants we can create more than 250.000 colours, matching any colour at your fingertips.

Jotun offer a complete in-shop concept containing the best-selling and trendy colours that are handpicked by colour experts. The represented colours are especially made for looking good on large surfaces and are represented in colour cards, take-home colour samples and painted samples – yearly updated with the latest trends. Jotuns colour selection tools are preferred by designers and architects worldwide and our ambition are to always make it easy to choose colours and suitable colour combinations – making everyone a colour expert.